Consolidated shipments (LCL, LTL) - EXPORT

For regular shipments of consolidated cargoes from Russia we use consolidation warehouses in Saint-Petersburg. 

Further delivery is arranged through the network of consolidation warehouses at such world ports as:

  • Montreal and New York to deliver cargo to North America and the Caribbean;
  • Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong the delivery to Asia;
  • Singapore to deliver the goods to Australia and Oceania;
  • Dubai for the delivery of cargo to the Middle East;
  • Alexandria and Durban for delivery of cargo to Africa;
  • Hamburg and Rotterdam for delivery of cargo to Europe;
  • Santos to deliver of cargo to South America.

The scheme of transportation consolidated export cargoes by sea from Russia consists of the following key operations:

  • Customs clearance and documents preparation for the shipment;
  • Delivery of cargo from the shipper to the consolidation warehouse in Saint-Petersburg;
  • Consolidation of cargoes with rendering of storage, packaging, labeling & surveyor control;
  • Stuffing & fastening of consolidated cargoes in container for the following marine transportation;
  • Delivery of container with the cargo from consolidation warehouse at the port of Saint-Petersburg;
  • Clearance of export cargo at border customs;
  • Marine ​​shipping of the container under an agreed route;
  • Unloading the container at the Port of Destination and cargo’s movement to the covered temporary storage warehouse;
  • Customs clearance and preparation of necessary documents for cargo import to the country of destination;
  • Final delivery of the cargo to the Consignee.

After shipment of export cargo on the feeder vessel from Saint-Petersburg, you will be provided all the necessary documents, the main of which are: loading order for shipment of export cargo and bills of lading.

Average transit time of marine export LCL delivery from Saint-Petersburg

Delivery option

Load of 20 Lorries of Chinese make "Howo".

The vessels was loaded using cranes. Port of loading Shanghai. Port of discharge St.Petersburg. The planned period for shipping is summer: 2007.