Customs services

Our company is carrying out all necessary procedures in order to obtain skilled and fast custom clearance on the territory of Russian Federation (RF).

  • We offer services where we prepare and provide all necessary documentation that is required by customs in order to release customs declaration.
  • Preparation of documentation, including examples of e-forms for passing customs procedures.
  • We offer services for product declaration and the means of transport as well as customs clearance.
  • We present all the documents to the customs of RF and all extra information that is required in order to pass the customs procedures
  • We present to customs all the declared goods and means of their transportation.
  • We cover expenses connected to customs and other procedures which are mentioned in RF Customs Code
  • Services on Classification of Goods by HC ( Harmonized Code)
  • Calculation of the sum of customs payments and presentation of help information on customs tariffs.
  • Representation of clients interests to the Customs Bodies.

Delivery option

Load of 20 Lorries of Chinese make "Howo".

The vessels was loaded using cranes. Port of loading Shanghai. Port of discharge St.Petersburg. The planned period for shipping is summer: 2007.